Ever heard of Eye-Slices???

Gone are the days of using raw potato, cucumber or tea bags on your eyes to reduce the puffiness. I would like to introduce to those that have not heard about this award winning eye opening technology that will change your life in only 5 minutes.
Made with Aloe Ferox and a blend of active ingredients that have been proven to target puffiness, dark circles, tired eyes, redness and pre mature ageing. After a long day at work or as part of your early morning skin routine all you need is 5 minutes of pampering to relax, restore and revive your eyes and they are extremely easy to use.
All you need to do is cleanse and dry your skin. Remove the slices from the packaging and place over your closed eyes. Gently press the slices to fit all around the eye area and let the magic begin. Once you are done with these little hydro gel pillows, you simply pop them back into the clam shell container and they are ready to use again tomorrow.
Not only will your clients admire how revitalize and awake you look every day, but you can give them the opportunity to add on this experience to their facial treatments or retail it to them to take home and introduce it to their skin care routine.
These soothing and cooling gel pads are not only effective and affordable, but they will make a great and exciting addition to your basic facial treatment menu.

For more information on Eye-Slices or to purchase them, contact Yolandi Thompson on 011 702 3342 or via email on yolandi@sdvpharm.co.za

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