Train! Train! Train!

Did you know that in the South African Spa and Salon market, the average employers’ spend on training is 2% of the profit! That is so scary…

If you sit down with anyone who runs a spa or salon in South Africa and ask them about their staff – I’m pretty sure 99.9% of those employers will tell you how bad their attitudes are and how poor their customer service standards are, or they will tell you how plainly under skilled they are or how bad their therapists are at recommending products or rebooking their guests.

BUT, now ask them what they are doing about it and guaranteed they will say “little” or even “nothing”. Some will even respond with “why should I? They are just going to leave me in a couple months’ time”. Some managers seem to feel that training employees is a job that should be left to trainers or training schools.

It really upsets me….train them!!!!

Change their mind set, empower them to be better and breed them to be loyal.

A seriously small investment can go A LONG way!

The people that contribute in running our industry on a day to day basis are the most important and it is extremely crucial that we are always ready to upgrade or improve them wherever possible.

At Spa Sense we offer high level training for staff who want to progress in their careers or improve the skills they already have. We do a phenomenal Front Desk module and a dynamic Management module – here is what just 2 of our clients who have done the training have to say

“A mind that is stretch by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Philippa, thank you for everything you have put into our training. Lots of Love.” – Olivia Urban Glow Day Spa

“Dear Philippa, Thank you so much for the amazing knowledge. Thank goodness for you in the beauty industry and your level of knowledge and professionalism.” – Palesa Urban Glow Day Spa

We also offer a fabulous Sales Course. It is based on self-belief and encouraging therapists to believe not only in their ability to recommend great products but correctly advise on treatment programs to rebook their guests. A big buzz word at the moment is the ‘life time value’ of your guests and how to up this value and we teach the girls how to do this.

As well as these 3 courses we now do HR and SOP training as well as HR management systems to support you and your business from a human resources perspective.

Last but by NO means least is our finishing course. A dynamic one of a kind course that is a sure way to fix any therapist. Got some with the right attitude who lacks skill – they will love you for sending them to us. The course is not only bases on recommended unit standard but I depth personal knowledge of the industry and all that relates to it from a treatment perspective!!!

Our spaces sell out fast so do not delay in booking your staff in ASAP.

To book your space or to get more information on our awesome courses, contact our offices on 011 6160833 or 0116160825 or email us at


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