“The priority of power is to protect” Blaise Pascal

“Power is no blessing in itself, except when it’s used to protect the innocent” Jonathan Swift

It is so easy to put ourselves as managers and owners on a pedestal and sometimes even a power trip when managing teams of therapists. And yes; I do agree that this bunch is somewhat challenging to run.

BUT we cannot allow this to detract from the fact that they need to be happy to perform.

Today we are going to focus on; Team Motivation for revenue generation.

What is Staff Morale?

Definition: Description of the emotions, attitude, satisfaction, and overall outlook of employees during their time in a workplace environment. Part of effective productivity is thought to be directly related to the morale of the employees. Employees that are happy and positive at work are said to have positive or high employee morale. Companies that maintain employees who are dissatisfied and negative about their work environment are said to have negative or low employee morale.

What do you do to boost your staff morale?

Your team’s positive morale is vital to the revenue of your Spa

A motivated team is a happy team that HITS target!

An unmotivated team will result in targets not being met.

Statistics have shown that 90% of low staff morale is due to staff feeling like there is no communication between them and senior management and a feeling of being unsupported and unappreciated.

Ways to boost staff morale

  • Morning huddles

We have to have a ra-ra with our staff every day. A little later on we are going to go through the “daily briefing sheet” this is a fab tool to assist us in these 5 minute meeting have weight and they achieve what they need to.

These must be positivity meetings – as we mentioned before negative talk does not help anyone it just makes people sink lower and damages their morale. So ensure that you are turning any negative into a positive. A poor performer must be coached not shouted at. Give them their target for the day “real time” after having reviewed the schedule.


  • Know your clients so that you can advise accordingly for new girls / poor performers
  • DO NOT BE A BACK ROOM BOY!!!!! Be involved – get down and dirty – just because you’re the manager doesn’t mean that you are a foreign entity that just sits behind a computer and punches keys all day.

It is tough to stay on top of our whole team and make sure that we reach everyone on daily basis but it is a non-negotiable. Our staff comes in at different times and some are off, then you are off when they are in and you become like passing ships.


NO EXCUSES – we live in the technological age – You have to have a touch point with your staff on a daily basis – create what’s app group – send motivational images or messages to individuals

BUT REMEMBER – set boundaries for the group

  • call it a positivity group
  • no negative comments allowed
  • no complaining or telling you that they are not coming to work
  • promote sharing of pics for your social media
  • Post their accolades

Break down targets for your therapists so that they understand how easy it is to make their daily target. It is important to use your retail therapist report to keep your team updated with their progress thus far.

  • Monthly Staff Meeting

Part of our therapist job role – KPI is hygiene and cleanliness and treatment room standards.

But we schedule our diaries so that they always as busy as possible so when are they supposed to clean and ensure that they keep this KPI sorted.

Schedule – at the beginning of the year – a meeting a month – I always suggest Wednesdays as this is a day that is not incredibly busy and most staff are in. Block out 3 hours in the morning 1.5 hours to clean rooms and reception COMPLETELY – head to toe – have a checklist for this – so they know what is expected of them.


Late shift / off days – it doesn’t matter!

You write this into your contract so they know that it is just “how things are”.

The dates cannot be changed or move unless the spa is falling down around them.

After they have cleaned you must all gather together and discuss what needs to be achieved for the month.

Most important – start and end with a positive.

  • Be informed – be an inspiration
  • Use the tools you have at your disposal.
  • I say this ALL the time.
  • Read blogs, know what’s hot, magazines, newsletters, networking etc etc etc – now make sure that you feedback to your team – tell them what’s happening so they too can be excited.
  • Use YouTube in your meetings – The motivational and inspirational videos you can find here are endless and AMAZING
  • Focus on your teams higher purpose – Celebrate them

Remind them always what they are there for

  1. To treat and take care of people because they want to
  2. To achieve their personal goals – ones they set for themselves

How would you feel if you won “Spa of the Year”- AMAZING!

Make your team feel this way too.

Make sure you give them the positive feedback they get from their clients.

Put this on display – have a Celebration board.

Have a staff member of the month and hand a floating trophy to them to put in their treatment room for all clients to see.

  • Don’t forget the fun

Give your star performers time off to go and have fun – regulars will come on other days – not leave days

Have team builds where girls can socialize and let their hair down

Even just a simple pizza evening where you close the spa early and they drink a coke and have a slice of pizza – it is so beneficial to take the focus off of the clients once in a while

Don’t forget their birthdays – add these days to the celebration board and get cake / cupcakes for the birthday girl.

  • Get rid of the haters

Weed out the girls that do not share your common goal

You cannot afford to have bad eggs

Yes, you need girls that make you money and perform but if they are poisoning your team they are being more destructive than a person whose figures are low but emulate your vision and mission. Because you can develop her, the negative Nancy’s just destroy everything they touch. They will be the ones who steal your clients and bad mouth you to other people.

Need any more info on this topic or assistance in implementing / training any of this?

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I qualified as a Somatologist in JHB in 2001. I began my career in the spa industry working on cruise ships for Steiner Transocean. I furthered my studies on my return to SA qualifying in advanced make up and special effects. I then moved to London where I worked in 2 of the most prestigious spas. I acquired knowledge in all aspects if the spa business and moved quickly from hands on therapy to part of the management team. When I finally came back to South Africa to settle for good I joined the management team of the Spas of Distinction where I grew my skill set even further and established a professional network throughout the South African Spa Industry. It is here where my roots are now deep seated and where I will remain for good. I started Spa Sense in 2010 and we have grown from strength to strength every year since then; forming key relationships with all the industry specialists. I head up the consultancy division of Spa Sense and run many of our training courses including Front Office, SOPs and Spa Sales and Retail. I also oversee our recruitment division making sure that all my clients and candidates expectations are always exceeded by the level service they receive from my team. I am incredibly passionate about what I do and hope I remain blessed enough to be in this exciting industry forever. This blog is a place I can share my views and experience so I hope you enjoy the articles and find them useful enough to use in your business.

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