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Spa Sense Newsletter


It’s coming….   “Taking our Industry to another level” The Listing is an online portal service (not a website) that can only be used by Spa Owners and is aimed at digitally monitoring the performance of all candidates that are working within the Somatology / Cosmetology Industry. The Listing’s objectives...
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The Apilus System is here

While many companies continued to develop laser machines to be the very best, it is unfortunate that Laser will never be able to effectively remove white, blonder and grey hair due to the lack of pigment. Luckily, Dectro went full steam ahead to develop and perfect the technology to permanently...
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Benefits of using Eye Pillows and Bean bags to enhance your treatments

Eye Pillows Do not need to be heated When placed across your eyes, nose and cheeks its soothing weight settles into the key acupressure points for clarity and calm. They are instantly reassuring and sleep inducing. They block out light and silence ‘mind chatter’. Soothing lavender scent is excellent for...
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