Spa Front Office


What we will do for you?

– Maximise spa occupancy
– Happy clients that trust your staff
– Outrageous customer service

3 Day Course

Spa Front Office Training
Does your front office team fully understand the role they play in your business?

We specialize in front office training giving your staff the ability to improve their service levels, your guests’ experience and your business’s profitability. With the development and implementation of specific checklists and follow up tools, We will help you increase your spa or salon occupancy. By teaching your front office staff the importance of outrageous customer service, database management, upselling and cross selling; they will be able to increase your turnover. By understanding the business inside out, there will be no limit to what you and your staff will be able to achieve.

Gone are the days of booking blunders!!! Your clients will return not only for your therapists but also for the relationship formed with your front of house team.

We look forward to spending 3 days with your staff and teaching them the integral roll they play in making your business a success!


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