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Leading with Inspiration not Fear

In keeping with this month’s theme of power and influence I thought is was necessary to discuss the topic of leading with inspiration; not fear. All the great women we have featured this month have all managed to get this right. They inspire their teams to be amazing. They have open door policies and allow […]

The job blog – Love your job; make a career for yourself.

So you all know by now that Spa Sense is a recruitment company for the spa and beauty industry. I have told you many stories and accounts of what happens in our offices on a daily basis. I regularly get on my soap box and recommend to you how you can improve, do things differently […]

The Job Blog – the importance of staying in a job.

So we have helped you construct a killer CV and how to interview like a BOSS so now I want to talk about the importance of staying in a job, once you have it. Whilst trawling the internet I found and article in the Times where Jeanne Meister says “Job hopping is the new black”. […]