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Becoming a complete and balanced therapist – April

So April is here; the leaves are already starting to turn golden and the air is crisp. I love this time of year – there is something so awesome about this downtime we are given that allows us to regroup and refocus. The spas and salons slow down and there is time to get things […]

Train! Train! Train!

Did you know that in the South African Spa and Salon market, the average employers’ spend on training is 2% of the profit! That is so scary… If you sit down with anyone who runs a spa or salon in South Africa and ask them about their staff – I’m pretty sure 99.9% of those […]

The job blog – Love your job; make a career for yourself.

So you all know by now that Spa Sense is a recruitment company for the spa and beauty industry. I have told you many stories and accounts of what happens in our offices on a daily basis. I regularly get on my soap box and recommend to you how you can improve, do things differently […]