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I love applying make-up on myself and on other people. But removing make up after a long day is, for me, the most tedious chore to do before I get nice and comfortable into my bed. The other day, I was given a The Makeup Eraser to try out thanks to SDV Pharmaceuticals and boy […]

The Original SoyLites

Having used SoyLites before and knowing their name in the industry this is one review I was super excited to write.   SoyLites products are made from oil that comes directly from the skin of the soybean. All their products are petroleum free and contain natural vitamin E and lecithin. Not only are each of […]

SIX Sensational Skincare introduces Vitamins for your Skin

As the cold creeps in and the late sunsets’ fade away, the weather is not the only thing that changes on a daily basis but our skin too. How often do you wish we could pop a handful of vitamins and wake up with a perfect skin?? Well thanks to SIX Sensational Skincare, the weather […]

Ever heard of Eye-Slices???

Gone are the days of using raw potato, cucumber or tea bags on your eyes to reduce the puffiness. I would like to introduce to those that have not heard about this award winning eye opening technology that will change your life in only 5 minutes. Made with Aloe Ferox and a blend of active […]