Monthly Archives: March 2016

Thalgo; La beaute marine – An experience to recall….

Ok, so it’s only March but I feel like I need a holiday already… Easter holidays could not come quick enough. This year has been so chaotic and I feel like it should be November already! BUT luckily it isn’t and there is so much more of 2016 to experience and discover and thanks to […]

Did you know? Spa Sense Analysis and Monthly Management Retainers

Is your business stagnating? Are you too busy? Are you unable to get to everything? YES? You need Spa Sense. We offer expert advise and management assistance to help you cope with the pressures of running a spa / salon business. We will assist you in assessing and implementing a change that works! Why choose […]

Train! Train! Train!

Did you know that in the South African Spa and Salon market, the average employers’ spend on training is 2% of the profit! That is so scary… If you sit down with anyone who runs a spa or salon in South Africa and ask them about their staff – I’m pretty sure 99.9% of those […]

Becoming a complete and balanced therapist

SO on the quest to become a complete and balanced therapist in 2016 we find ourselves in March….ALREADY!!!!!! As quickly as this year is fleeting so is this month and I must apologize for a delay in getting this installment out. Our journey brings us to the month of eternal youth and hope – the […]