Becoming a complete and balanced therapist – recommend don’t sell.

The importance of effective consultation – so that you can recommend not just sell.

We all understand that it is necessary for us as therapists to retail / sell the supporting a professional products to our clients in order for a spa to be a truly profitable. The target is 40% retail to services and to most of us it scares the living day lights out of us. So here is a little bit of advice;

1. Have courage

Failure in sales often is because we fear failure or rejection/critisim not the actual sale

  • Confront your fears
  • It is not the actual rejection / failure that hurts us
  • It is the FEAR of the rejection / failure
  • This holds you back

Be brave

  • Just a couple minutes longer
  • Confront the fears
  • Do it anyway

Heroes are the ones who are able to conquer their fears of rejection and failure just long enough to succeed

  • YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
  • Reaffirm this all the time
  • Lifts your self esteem
  • Lifts your confidence
  • And you begin to believe that you are the professional that can recommend to each and every client cause you are going to change their skin for the better

2. Commitment to your brand

Believe in your product, services and COMPANY

  • Be committed to your company, products and services
  • Always strive to be the best and know everything you can about all 3.

Sales = Transfer of enthusiasm

  • You will become contagious
  • The more they pick it up and act on it
  • The more you are committed to your product and your work the more people will be able to see this commitment and they will want to be part of this enthusiasm.


  • They do not care how much you know until they know how much you care
  • The more you love your product and your company the more you will naturally and honestly care for your client.
  • Care about them to help them make the correct decision when making a purchase
  • It will come straight from the heart
  • Your customer will know you are genuine so you will never be seen to be “pushing products”.

3. Highlight your clients concerns and SOLVE their problems

  • Thorough consultation must include every touch point in your spa; from phone to treatment room to check out

The consultation starts on the phone

  • Always give your client your full attention – focus on the conversation at hand and don’t ever let your self be distracted by things going on around you.
  • Always feel sincere and warm towards your client, if you regard them with respect and tolerance this will be portrayed in your attitude towards them.
  • Do not judge – always be interested and willing to explore new ideas.
  • Listen to your client’s tone of voice – this will be an important tool in meeting the needs of the client.
  • What are the client’s expectations and what do they want to achieve form the treatment.
  • What are their concerns?
  • KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT – make sure you know the product and treatments better than anyone.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand a request – this will eliminate mistakes / misunderstandings occurring.
  • Make sure your client is clear on all your spas policies and procedures.
  • Never only book what the client asks for.
  • Offer them a treatment that will complement the one they want to book.
  • NEVER book Swedish massages always up sell your client a more specialized massage – They can have a Swedish massage anywhere. Even if your specialized massages only cost R30 / R40 more if every client books one you will see the benefits of this straight away

 Address the concern don’t sell the product

  • Do not see yourself as a sales person
  • See yourself as a helper / advisor
  • Be a problem solver

 See yourself as a professional but a friend

  • If you care for him / her as a friend
  • Become the person that your client goes to for advice because you are the one who knows the most
  • Be the olden day doctor!
  • They will never buy from anyone else.

4. What to extract from the consultation card

Know what information is on the client card you work with. Take the time to read through it and try to see it from your client’s point of view. When performing the consultation, you need to know which questions are important to ask.

What are important questions to ask during a consultation that will assist you when prescribing products at the end of your treatment?

  • What are you main concerns?
  • Of these concerns, which bother you the most?
  • What are you currently doing to alleviate them?
  • How much time do you spend on your skin daily?
  • If you noticed results from your homecare, would you give your skin more time?
  • Talk me through your daily routine

Be awake

  • Make sure that you listen attentively, never interrupt your client while they talk and write down as much as you can. Be present
  • Be AWAKE!

Listen to what your client wants – let her tell you what she needs

  • You will know exactly what to prescribe if your consultation is done thoroughly.
  • Don’t assume anything.
  • What you may notice can be discussed but make sure you prescribe what your client needs.
  • Always have your clients best interest at heart – make a plan to suit her pocket .
  • If you are always open and honest with your clients your retail % will grow.
  • Make sure they know that you have their best interest at heart always.
  • Rather let her skip her next treatment and take home a product.
  • You will see results when she comes for her next treatment allowing you to move onto other concerns, your client will appreciate you giving her sincere advice, and will be open to future purchases.

Tell your guest you are going to recommend to her

  • At the end of your consultation make sure to tell your client that at the end of the treatment you will be explaining her concerns and recommending suitable homecare.
  • Never surprise her at the end of the treatment, she will be annoyed, won’t give you time to talk and will end badly for you.
  • Behave like a professional!

It is so easy if you just believe in yourself.

Now go forth and Hit those retail targets ladies!!!!

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