Monthly Archives: September 2016

Did you know? Spa Sense offers an INCREDIBLE recruitment service.

Are you looking to recruit qualified staff for your spa or salon, product house or college? Spa Sense can help you find the perfect match. Collectively the Spa Sense team has had over 30 years of extensive experience in the spa industry, we have been involved in every aspect of the industry and have worked […]

Becoming a complete and balanced therapist in 2016 – Loyalty and Trust

When this topic came up I thought it was fitting to share this blog Ii wrote a couple of years ago as it so fitting. Develop loyalty and trust by finding a suitable job and staying in that job. I hope you enjoy and take the time to listen; it will do you SO much […]

Becoming a complete and balanced therapist in 2016 – Become influential by staying away from drama and stay positive.

Dale Carnegie got it right when he said that to win more friends and influence more people you need to improve your interpersonal skills.  Twenty years of research on power and influence shows that people with superior social skills are substantially more influential than people with average social skills. These findings make sense when you […]