It’s Mani and Pedi Mania;

Every where you look these days it just nails nails nails, from mani cams at the all the big awards ceremonies to caviar nail art! You are not a celeb these days if you do not have designer nails to boot! Everyone is talking about Anne Hathaways’ L’Oreal nails, “Get the look”. The internet is […]

Valentine’s Day is around the corner…are you ready?

I hope the quiet that January brings has not left any of you realizing it’s almost late to plan for Valentine’s Day! It is so easy to wake up at the beginning of February (next week) to discover that the year is flying by already. This is one of the most profitable days for Spas […]

December rush over… now it’s time to plan!

Don’t let the lull in January make you complacent. This is the perfect time to get your staff and your business geared up for the New Year. Here are a couple of ways that will help you ensure that your year is planned; your staff are accountable and you know where you want to be […]