What does a spa consultant do?

Spa Sense where have you been ?????? And you thought we had forgotten all about you …. Never! In all honesty, we just have been really busy working on some pretty amazing projects. When we consult we are completely engaged with our clients and often the important stuff for Spa Sense falls through the cracks […]


I love applying make-up on myself and on other people. But removing make up after a long day is, for me, the most tedious chore to do before I get nice and comfortable into my bed. The other day, I was given a The Makeup Eraser to try out thanks to SDV Pharmaceuticals and boy […]

Global Wellness Day 2017

Global Wellness Day – Your Invitation to Participate Saturday, 10 June 2017 ONE DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE ! Have you ever thought about it… there are more than 7 billion people on the earth. But there is only one dream shared across dozens of cultures: living well. All of us would like to […]


It’s coming…. www.thelisting.co.za   “Taking our Industry to another level” The Listing is an online portal service (not a website) that can only be used by Spa Owners and is aimed at digitally monitoring the performance of all candidates that are working within the Somatology / Cosmetology Industry. The Listing’s objectives include: To prioritize and ensure […]

South African Cyber Crime & Cyber Threats To Look Out For

It’s Not Just In the Movies or CSI Picture the Scene… You’ve been waiting, planning and getting so excited for this very day.Months and Months of preparation have been put into a brand new product release that is going to take your Spa to new heights.Your Social Media team (That is your 18 year old […]