Digital Marketing Advice – Why Your Website Is The Center Of Your Business Universe

The Importance of a Website in the Modern age Trust and Quality are two of the most important aspects of business. How do you gain and maintain these two vital aspects? With Communication and Connection. Now, back in the day, when you were searching for where to go or where to buy, there wasn’t much […]

Oh Me..Oh Mii…I’m Inlove!

It was a busy Monday afternoon and I was on my way to the Poise Brands Mii Make Up launch. On arrival we received an ice cold glass of bubbly accompanied by some sweet and creamy macaroons. The room was filled with my fellow journalists and bloggers, several make up stands and Mii ambassadors awaiting […]

“The priority of power is to protect” Blaise Pascal

“Power is no blessing in itself, except when it’s used to protect the innocent” Jonathan Swift It is so easy to put ourselves as managers and owners on a pedestal and sometimes even a power trip when managing teams of therapists. And yes; I do agree that this bunch is somewhat challenging to run. BUT […]

Did you know? Spa Sense has qualified temps available to help you through the busy times.

Are you looking to Staff Up for the busy season but you don’t necessarily need the staff Full time / beyond December? Spa Sense can help you find the perfect temporary staffing solution. Spa Sense can help you find the perfect temporary staffing solution.   As you probably know Spa Sense specializes in recruitment specifically […]

Stay calm and prepare for the storm.

Calmness is the cradle of power – Josiah Gilbert Holland So it’s that time of the year again – can you believe it? I can’t – nor can I believe that I have to be calm to get through it – It has been one hell of a year! All I personally feel like doing […]