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What is the Bargaining Council & why must I register my Spa / Salon?

Bargaining Council…. the word is mentioned, and my head is muddled give me much needed strength and support I hear YOU say…… Don’t fear, we will unpack this for you as neatly and concisely as we possibly can… What is the Bargaining Council? The Bargaining Council regulates employment conditions and provides peace, stability and standards […]


It’s coming….   “Taking our Industry to another level” The Listing is an online portal service (not a website) that can only be used by Spa Owners and is aimed at digitally monitoring the performance of all candidates that are working within the Somatology / Cosmetology Industry. The Listing’s objectives include: To prioritize and ensure […]

Important info from the EOHCB

STAFF AMENDMENTS Please note that it is extremely important that Head Office is notified of any staff amendments prior to the7th of the month. If not received on time, you will be billed for the incorrect staff on your account. Please remember that staff cannot be loaded to the Union and SPF without the relevant […]