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Global Wellness Day 2017

Global Wellness Day – Your Invitation to Participate Saturday, 10 June 2017 ONE DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE ! Have you ever thought about it… there are more than 7 billion people on the earth. But there is only one dream shared across dozens of cultures: living well. All of us would like to […]

Leading with Inspiration not Fear

In keeping with this month’s theme of power and influence I thought is was necessary to discuss the topic of leading with inspiration; not fear. All the great women we have featured this month have all managed to get this right. They inspire their teams to be amazing. They have open door policies and allow […]

What’s happening at the SA Spa Association?

The SA Spa Association, established in 2007, has recently introduced the SA Spa Association Industry Development Initiative to serve the educational and research needs of the spa industry, through a variety of spa management educational and personal development programs. We believe through making each individual spa professional stronger, especially management, the entire industry becomes stronger. Funding […]