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I love applying make-up on myself and on other people. But removing make up after a long day is, for me, the most tedious chore to do before I get nice and comfortable into my bed. The other day, I was given a The Makeup Eraser to try out thanks to SDV Pharmaceuticals and boy […]

Oh Me..Oh Mii…I’m Inlove!

It was a busy Monday afternoon and I was on my way to the Poise Brands Mii Make Up launch. On arrival we received an ice cold glass of bubbly accompanied by some sweet and creamy macaroons. The room was filled with my fellow journalists and bloggers, several make up stands and Mii ambassadors awaiting […]

Did you know? Spa Sense is a supplier for high-end spa equipment & tools

      DID YOU KNOW? Spa Sense is a supplier for high-end spa equipment & tools Looking for new furniture for your spa or salon? Need good quality consumables at a FANTASTIC price?   Need eye pillows, bean bags, rain sticks, massage tools or hot stones?   We have it all.   Call us […]

Becoming a complete and balanced therapist – recommend don’t sell.

The importance of effective consultation – so that you can recommend not just sell. We all understand that it is necessary for us as therapists to retail / sell the supporting a professional products to our clients in order for a spa to be a truly profitable. The target is 40% retail to services and […]

Mama Mio – Gorgeous Glow Balancing Face wash

                Here’s more info on the product. Most women who are pregnant often complain about their skin breaking out during their first trimester. This is mainly due to ones hormones going crazy during this transitional time. Acne is common during pregnancy because the skin’s sebaceous glands increase their oil production. And newly formed […]