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Stay calm and prepare for the storm.

Calmness is the cradle of power – Josiah Gilbert Holland So it’s that time of the year again – can you believe it? I can’t – nor can I believe that I have to be calm to get through it – It has been one hell of a year! All I personally feel like doing […]

Did you know? Spa Sense is a supplier for high-end spa equipment & tools

      DID YOU KNOW? Spa Sense is a supplier for high-end spa equipment & tools Looking for new furniture for your spa or salon? Need good quality consumables at a FANTASTIC price?   Need eye pillows, bean bags, rain sticks, massage tools or hot stones?   We have it all.   Call us […]

Thalgo; La beaute marine – An experience to recall….

Ok, so it’s only March but I feel like I need a holiday already… Easter holidays could not come quick enough. This year has been so chaotic and I feel like it should be November already! BUT luckily it isn’t and there is so much more of 2016 to experience and discover and thanks to […]

Benefits of using Eye Pillows and Bean bags to enhance your treatments

Eye Pillows Do not need to be heated When placed across your eyes, nose and cheeks its soothing weight settles into the key acupressure points for clarity and calm. They are instantly reassuring and sleep inducing. They block out light and silence ‘mind chatter’. Soothing lavender scent is excellent for decreasing anxiety and nervousness. Therefore, […]

Hands Off Mister!!!!

How therapists should behave when their male clients behave inappropriately I have decided to approach this subject from a light hearted point of view as I feel that this is the only way it can be dealt with. As a therapist you are more than certainly going to have to deal with at least one […]