How do you Manage a Millennial?

“The workplace has become a psychological battlefield and the millennial’s have the upper hand, because they are tech savvy, with every gadget imaginable almost becoming an extension of their bodies. They multitask, talk, walk, listen and type, and text. And their priorities are simple: they come first.”

-Morley Safer-

We are indeed in exciting times as it seems that we must move mountains in order to Manage Millennial’s in today’s workforce.

On a lighter note let’s not make a mountain out of a mole hill (pun intended) and see how this Generation operates and what makes them tick.

The Millennial’s are a breed on their own (they are not aware of how it was like living in an era without iPads, iPhones, computers and lest we not forget Instagram).

Millennial’s desperately NEED the following to function at their optimum level:

  • Desire regular feedback (they need it frequently, they can’t do random feedback sessions)
  • Require constant praise and affirmation (a simple “Thank you” will have them break out in a huge Colgate moment)
  • Prefer to make their own decisions or are involved in the decision-making process (their input matters and in order for them to feel valued and that they form part of the bigger team)
  • Crave growth and development (oh how they strive to climb up the corporate ladder)
  • Aspire for work-life balance (friends, family and their social life matter and they crave the perfect imperfect balance)
  • Team-orientated (they need a to feel a sense of belonging and perform well within a team environment)

How do we Manage these techno-savvy Employees?

  • Understanding the Millennial’s key personality traits and adapt your Management style accordingly (Leader’s have to adjust their Management styles to obtain the most from these aspiring individuals)
  • Take advantage of their techno savvy skills in the workplace (think out of the box when it comes to leveraging off these skills for the benefit of the business)
  • Millennial’s admire and take their lead from aspiring ‘Leaders’… play the part (Practice what you preach)
  • Management must provide clear direction and goals (share the organizations vision, mission and objectives) and live the values as a Leader!
  • Utilize Millennials in groups/team work as they collaborate and foster creativity in order to add value to your organization (team work all the way)!

Let me divulge this information overshare, well to be honest I just fall out this category as I am an 84’ baby so it makes perfect sense to me even if I sit on the border line that is.

Millennial’s are very loyal and dedicated employees, however they need to feel valued, provided with regular feedback and feel that they contribute and form part of the bigger team!

Embrace the young work force and take these opportunities to enrich the youth as we grow and develop these individuals.

Their future is in your hands.


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Until next week…. cheers for now x

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