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What is the Bargaining Council & why must I register my Spa / Salon?

Bargaining Council…. the word is mentioned, and my head is muddled give me much needed strength and support I hear YOU say…… Don’t fear, we will unpack this for you as neatly and concisely as we possibly can… What is the Bargaining Council? The Bargaining Council regulates employment conditions and provides peace, stability and standards […]

Did you know? Spa Sense offers spa assessments

  Why should you do a mystery shopper assessment?   Help you identify issues. Assist you in improving your service. Audit of your company’s employees. Identify training needs. Customer satisfaction and experience. So we have ascertained that mystery shopper’s assessments are vitally important to the growth and development of our spas. Did you know that […]

Becoming a complete and balanced therapist – April

So April is here; the leaves are already starting to turn golden and the air is crisp. I love this time of year – there is something so awesome about this downtime we are given that allows us to regroup and refocus. The spas and salons slow down and there is time to get things […]

Balancing your staffs work load and encouraging staff entertainment

As business owners we know that the main aim of our business is to be successful and productive. We pour endless hours, ideas, investments and prayers of faith that everything will turn out great, but in the process of pushing toward new product launches, satisfying customers and monthly promotions, your employees can easily find themselves […]

Spa Sense offers monthly HR retainers

      Did you know? Spa Sense offers expert assistance with HR training, process set up and monthly retainers. Why would I need this service? We’ll help you do it right the 1st time! Show you what you can and cant do. Keep you away from the CCMA. Treat your staff right. Measure and […]